Compared with traditional vehicles, electric balance scooter have the following technical advantages.

1. Pure electric drive, zero emission, environmental protection and no pollution;

2. Intelligent control, flexible control, automatic balance using inverted pendulum principle, gravity induction, superior stability;

3. Flexible movement and stable steering. The electric two-wheel balance car has a zero turning radius and can move dexterously in a narrow space;

4. Small size, can be used by public transportation, does not occupy space, brakes sensitively, and can realize acceleration and deceleration by adjusting the front and rear center of gravity of the human body;

5. Modular structure, easy maintenance, novel modeling and control mode, self-balancing platform can be expanded;

6. The driving is simple, no special training is required, and it can be controlled freely with a little proficiency.

In addition, this seemingly simple transportation tool is involved in many fields of technology, including: mechanics, microcomputer technology, control technology, sensor technology, motor drive technology, battery and material technology, etc., with extensive research Background, application value and industry prospects.

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