Electric Bicycle Standard in Japan

Japan has adopted strict restrictions on the use and management of electric bicycles. Japan only allows “smart electric assisted bicycles” on the road. It also formulated very strict regulations on the requirements of “smart electric assisted bicycles”.

The specific provisions of the Japanese Road Traffic Law on electric assisted bicycles are as follows:
1. In any road conditions, the speed is less than 15 kilometers per hour, manpower: electric ≥ 1. That is, electric power assistance is not allowed to be greater than human power, but electric power assistance is close to human power.
2. In any road conditions, when the speed is greater than 15km/h, when the speed increases by 1km/h, the power drops by 1/9.
3. When the speed exceeds 24km/h, the electric system of the whole vehicle is turned off.
4. Within 1 second after the start of manual pedaling, the electric assist system starts to request. Within 1 second after the human pedaling stops, the electric assist system of the whole vehicle is turned off.
5. In order to save energy, after the smart electric assisted bicycle stops running for a certain period of time (usually 3 to 5 minutes), the whole vehicle is in a dormant state.
6. The continuity of riding must be ensured, and the power cannot be intermittent.

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