Bike wheels offers lightweight and reliable wheelsets for every condition, course, discipline and budget. From the professional level full carbon aero wheels, to the high performance aluminium line, we have the perfect wheel to match your performance. Our engineers have developed optimal technical solutions, from proprietary ceramic bearings to disc brakes and tubeless compatibility, to achieve minimal rolling resistance, ensure maximum safety and provide you with long-term reliable and trouble-free riding fun. It includes:

When to replace your wheels

Consider upgrading your wheels



When to replace your wheels introduce.
Some rims have a replacement indicator, a hole or groove that slowly disappears as the rim wears down. If your rim doesn’t have a wear indicator, you can check the rim surface for a slight concave depression or other signs of excessive wear.Rims and spokes are also subject to metal fatigue eventually, so you should ask the bike shop to assess your wheels’ health if you’ve been riding on them for several years.


Consider upgrading your wheels introduce.
Give yourself a performance boost. A wheel upgrade can help you ride faster, climb more efficiently or tackle downhill terrain more aggressively.You might even consider custom wheel building. While this can be your most expensive option, it allows you to choose each component of the wheel individually. It also lets you precisely match your wheels to your riding needs.