When it comes to buying bike clothing, there are thousands upon thousands of brands to choose from. Some brands are brilliant and others, less so. Luckily, the best cycling clothing brands are the ones that stick around, while the not so good brands often fade with a lack of repeat custom. Whether you’re new to cycling or not, if you stick with the best cycling clothing brands, you’ve got a good chance of never making a bad choice. There’s always someone new doing great things but experience, heritage and reputation makes a difference, especially when there’s a lengthy warranty involved. Sure, not everything the best brands make is a winner but the chance is high that it is. There are 2 features of bike clothes:

Make you faster

Makes you comfortable



Make you faster introduce.

As cyclists, we spend a lot of time talking about the fastest wheels or what percentage more aerodynamic this year’s frame is than last year’s frame. Everything counts and every little advantage is worth considering. But above all else, the thing that has the most dramatic effect on the performance of a bike is the rider. That doesn’t just mean how much power you can put down either, often the clothes you wear can affect your comfort, your temperature, and your aerodynamics. In fact, in many scenarios, the clothes you wear can make for the best investment when the aim is going faster.


Makes you comfortable introduce.

Of course, going faster isn’t the only concern when riding a bike, and your clothing does a whole lot more than make you faster. It also makes you comfortable and it’s worth mentioning that it can help make you look great too. The best cycling clothing brands can be expensive but with the increase in price often comes an increase in quality, so the price can often be considered an investment in the long run.