What are the classifications of electric bicycles?

1. According to the number of tires and structural characteristics, electric bicycles can be divided into:
Electric bicycles, electric motorcycles, electric unicycles, electric four-wheelers, electric tricycles, electric skateboards; according to the driving force derived from: new energy vehicles, extended-range electric bicycles, hybrid electric bicycles, fuel cell vehicles.

2. According to the method presented by the power project, it can be divided into two categories:
One is to connect an external switching power supply to obtain electricity. In addition, it means to use solid-state batteries and energy storage devices (such as power batteries, super capacitors) as power projects.

3. Classified by drive method:
New energy vehicles, gasoline-electric hybrid pure electric vehicles (series, series, hybrid), solid-state battery pure electric vehicles.

4. Divided by appearance design:
It can be divided into electric unicycles, electric bicycles, electric motorcycles, electric tricycles, and electric four-wheelers.

5. Classification according to main usage methods:
Pure electric vehicles; electric tricycles; electric bicycles (comparable to bicycles); electric motorcycles, electric trucks, patrol electric vehicles, folding bikes, stimulating surfing vehicles, mobility vehicles, motorcycles, wheelchair strollers for the disabled, ATVs, children’s scooters, Electric balance vehicles, sightseeing electric vehicles, electric golf carts, electric sweepers, electric buses, electric police cars, electric forklifts, magnetic vehicles, electric pallets, electric tractors, electric rail cars, electric mopeds, electric garbage trucks, Electric recreational vehicles, electric fuel-assisted vehicles, electric classic cars, light-weight lithium electric vehicles, other solar-powered electric bicycles, etc. In addition, there are also safety electric bicycles, anti-theft electric bicycles, and cold wall electric bicycles.

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