Our easy-fit range of cycling bells and horns are great for movability, allowing riders to change the positioning of the bell or horn as needed. Lightweight aluminium styling creates a beneficial accessory that won’t slow you down. Bells and horns are particularly advantageous for road bicycles that are ridden in high traffic areas, such as walking paths and roads, as they allow you to identify yourself to fellow pedestrians and traffic. There are 2 features of the bike bell:

Loud sound

Easy to install



Loud sound introduce.

Our bicycle bell hammer uses high-hardness plastic, combined with the internal hollow echo system, so that the classic bicycle bell brings us a clear, long and loud sound. In addition, the hammer is an integrated pp material connected together, which is not easy to fall like a spring. Pedestrians and passing vehicles can clearly hear your ringtone and warn us early for safety.

Easy to install introduce.

The bicycle bell is suitable for bicycle handlebars or rods with a diameter of 2.22 to 2.25 cm. As shown in figure 5, the left and right handlebars can be easily installed. The loud bicycle ring can be used for road bikes, mountain bikes, city bikes, sports bikes, cruisers, bmxs, etc.