Project Description

Product Name: Electric Mountain Bike

Frame Material: High-carton steel

Wheel Size: 27.5″

Range: 50 km

Max Speed: <32km/h

Voltage: 36V

Battery: 36V 8 Ah/10Ah Lithium Battery

Motor: Brushless 36V 250W

Braking System: Double disc brake

Charging Time: 4-6 hours


The material, structure and design style of the frame are very important for making a high-performance, safe and reliable electric mountain bike, because the bike frame needs to withstand the impact caused by various reasons.

Because mountain bikes are more laborious to drive, the frame of mountain bikes is correspondingly smaller than that of ordinary bicycles. This structure takes into account the characteristics of mountain bike cross-country sports, and the bicycle is more convenient to operate on different grounds.The standing handle is also known as the tilt handle, which can ensure that the rider maintains a more comfortable posture during riding.