Project Description

Product Name: Electric Mountain Bike

Frame Material: Aluminum alloy

Wheel Size: 20″

Range: 40-60 km

Max Speed: 40km/h

Voltage: 48V

Battery: 48V 10AH/12.8AH Lithium Battery

Motor: 48V 500W/800W

Braking System: Disc Brake

Charging Time: 4-6 hours

Max Load: 150kg


The first thing you need to know about riding an electric mountain bike, is where you can ride it. Once you’ve found your trail, you’ll need to ride your pedal-assist dynamo a little differently than you would ride a standard mountain bike.

A big motivation for getting an electric mountain bike is to extend your riding options: You can go on longer, steeper trails or ride your favorite route twice instead of just once. An e-MTB also makes it possible to reach trail systems you might otherwise have accessed only via a ski lift or a vehicle.A big benefit of an electric mountain bike is enhanced climbing power . The pedal-assist motor will deliver more torque more quickly if you spin the crank arms faster—at a higher cadence. re natural pedal-assist feel as you ride.